Bienaime Agency is essentially a one-stop-shop for male models, servicing all of their talent, public relations and worldwide branding needs; successfully eliminating the standard of hiring separate companies to cover these aspects of their career representationWe specialize in photography, videography, and branding - 3 foundational skill sets that set us apart and make Bienaime Agency so highly sought after. 

 "You can be an unknown person today, shoot with Bienaime Agency and be featured in major headlines tomorrow" - Marvin Bienaime.
We pride ourselves in discovering and developing aspiring male models of color, who are often overlooked in the modeling industry because they don't meet certain requirements or they have a look that is deemed “too urban” for certain talent agencies.
Every day, Bienaime Agency receives hundreds of  DM’s across social media platforms, and hundreds of email submissions, from aspiring models located as far as London, UK, looking to get that ONE big break! Like any other reputable entertainment PR firm, Bienaime Agency has connections with major casting directors, magazine editors, producers, bloggers, talent agents, and music video directors. 
 "When they're working on projects and need some of the sexiest men on the planet, we're the one they call" - Marvin Bienaime.
The real magic of Bienaime Agency is that we use our platform to honor and showcase a uniquely diverse spectrum of black male beauty and sexiness!